I will admit it: I did not want to find Obama’s Between two Ferns skit funny.

But it’s [expletive deleted]ing hysterical.

Of course, part of why I think it’s hysterical is because the administration apparently suddenly felt the need to scramble for a slot on the show:

…Back to the video, is this something you’ve been working on for a while?
It came about quickly and slowly. The slow part is I had a meeting with Valerie Jarrett from the White House, along with a lot of Funny or Die creators, back in July. She was trying to get people interested in making some comedy videos that shined a light on the Affordable Care Act. I was there as the ambassador of Between Two Ferns. Sort of the person to say, “Hey, it would be great to get the President on Between Two Ferns.” Knowing that nothing would ever come of it. And nothing really did until about three weeks ago. We all of a sudden got a rushed text from Mike Farah at Funny or Die, which said, “The President is interested. If it’s ever going to happen, it’s going to happen now.” And we had to scramble to get together a pitch of what we would do on the video.

(Via @TomBevanRCP) And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just how badly Obamacare is doing: the President felt obligated to go on a show where somebody would mock him to his face. No matter how fake the actual mocking: Barack Obama simply does not enjoy being made fun of. The ‘nerd’ thing in particular: I’m a nerd, and I can tell when that particular jab connects.

Moe Lane

PS: Will it work? Well… when it comes to Obamacare, it’s not like anything else has.

6 thoughts on “I will admit it: I did not want to find Obama’s Between two Ferns skit funny.”

  1. I read, somewhere .. can’t find it now .. that since this Obama bit went up, Funny or Die became the largest source of traffic for healthcare.gov.
    Of course, it’s *young* traffic .. which is exactly what healthcare.gov needs to sign up, but which should also be more savvy or cynical about actually giving out personal information, and certainly about parting with their ca$h.

    1. I read a bit (on AceOfSpades, I think) that showed the skit had been viewed several million times and had only prompted around 11,000 click-throughs to the Obamacare site. Not a stellar rate of return on its face, but I don’t know how that stacks up against other forms of web advertising… maybe that’s considered good for a web ad?

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