Aaron Allston died? …Dammit.

I have a half-dozen of the gaming supplements that he wrote scattered in the deep archives of my RPG collection.  We’re talking about the games I was buying as a teenager; which means, back in the days when the books still had staples. Aaron Allston wrote some good stuff.

Via Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, which is a hell of a way to be introduced to this podcast, I know.  Trust me, I know.

3 thoughts on “Aaron Allston died? …Dammit.”

  1. I didn’t know you were a fan of Aaron Allston, I have a few of his books.

    I didn’t realize you didn’t know about him passing away though.

  2. I think I was introduced to Baen by his stuff. Baen has had a considerable impact on my life.
    I enjoyed his books, and thought them worth the money I spent.

  3. My first response was “Who?”
    Then I looked up his body of work. Turns out I was a fan of most of his work. Even if I never knew it.

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