Report: Jay Carney soul-drained almost to replacement level.

Yeah, basically, in this administration your ultimate purpose as a staffer is to be steadily leeched of everything – energy, time, life, soul, self-esteem – and then be discarded like the empty beer can that you more or less are to them.  This is happening to Jay Carney even as we speak; he’s apparently on the way out the door, just in time to avoid being asked all those pesky questions about how the President feels about losing the Senate*. It’s actually kind of sad that he’s going.

No, really:

We won’t be able to use that clip anymore! – Well, we could, but it won’t be as funny.

(Via Hot Air)

Moe Lane

*Spoiler warning: the President is going to feel that it sucks.

8 thoughts on “Report: Jay Carney soul-drained almost to replacement level.”

  1. I wonder who they’ll get to be leeched next .. if Obama is following the Bush Doctrine again, they should get a left-leaning media type….
    Hey, maybe if Al Franken loses …

  2. Well, to be fair, being a flack is the job and it can ware anyone down. W had 4 as I recall Ari Fleisher, Scott McClellan, Tony Snow, and Dana Perino. Although they had the distinct benefit of working for a man who actually valued their efforts (and in McClellan’s case, without any obvious reason why…)

    Side note, dang I miss Tony Snow.

  3. Well I kinda feel sorry for Jay Carney, it must be extremely hard to try to keep all the lies straight day after day…

    1. Automatons don’t have to ‘try’ to do anything. They just do what they are programmed to do.

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