Hey, Democratic leadership: ever hear of something called “YouTube?” #obamacare

That’s not really a rhetorical question.

You see, based on the above video* it’s very much an open question whether the Democratic party does understand that every single damfool thing that a liberal or Democrat says in front of a camera will get captured somewhere and then end up on a social media site dedicated to the mass distribution of entertaining, interesting, or topical video footage.  If that observation didn’t compute, try this one: you know how the media loves them some Republicans/Conservatives Acting Badly footage, and will lovingly keep archives of same in reserve for just the right occasion? – Well, guess what! Technology has advanced to the point where anybody can do that, including people who do not like Democrats or liberals.

This is going to be an exquisitely painful six months for the Democratic party. And the best part? The smart Democrats – yes, they do exist* – all thought that Mitt Romney had inoculated them from all of this.  And if Obamacare had been just another government screw-up, they might have even been right.  But Obamacare was not just another government screw-up.

To put it mildly. More mildly, I think, than it might even deserve.


Moe Lane

*For those without video access: it’s pretty much Barack Obama telling the American people that they can keep their doctors, plans, save money… you know.  All the lies.

**True disaster – epic, glorious, transcendent disaster – is simply beyond the reach of the unintelligent.  You need to be smart to really mess things up.

6 thoughts on “Hey, Democratic leadership: ever hear of something called “YouTube?” #obamacare”

  1. The Democrats believe that the MSM won’t report on these broken promises and remember youtube has taken things down in the past when it made Obama look bad.

    That said this is a gold mine for campaign commercials and I suspect plenty of people have offline copies of said videos, so it all depends on whether or not the Republicans are willing to use these video clips to go after Democrats. The Tea Party Republicans certainly will, but the jury’s out when it comes to the establishment.

    1. Sadly, all to true.
      Add to it that most of the population doesn’t even care enough to even make an effort at keeping abreast of the news.

      1. Yeah, they’re too hooked on Survivor or some other stupid reality show, that is neither based on reality nor are the participants behaving in an intelligent manner.

        People think I’m weird cause I pay a lot of attention to politics and am a big history buff, but I think a lot of people are foolish not to pay attention.

    2. this is a gold mine for campaign commercials
      Yes, but not official Republican campaign commercials. They’d be scared out of their mind that people will call them “mean” or “raysis” for running such ads. And a lot of Republicans would shriek about how “we can’t just give up the moral high ground.”
      Bitter? Me? Nah. Just observant.

      1. No, they are just worried about being demonized my a MSM that already demonizes them and that Democrats won’t like them.

        They need to get a clue that Democrats already don’t like them, that the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda pulpit for the Democrat Party, and grow a backbone.

        Question: Would the information in said commercial be accurate and truthful?

        Answer: Yes, it would be both truthful and accurate.

        Therefore, they should run the commercial, if people don’t believe them fine, if Democrats find the truth to be offensive, that’s their problem. Yeah I’ve ticked off quite a few people in the past for telling the truth when it would have been easier to lie or stay silent, but I’d rather follow my conscious than go-along to get along.

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