Well, this was a day for the electronic book thingies.

Picked up the Microscope RPG on Ken Hite’s advice, more or less, and the Cthulhu Apocalypse – Slaves of the Mother RPG supplement on my own hook.  Oh, and Michael Totten – yeah, the guy who wrote all that stuff about the Middle East – wrote a zombie novel (Resurrection: A Zombie Novel).

So, it looks like I’ll have plenty to read this weekend.

One thought on “Well, this was a day for the electronic book thingies.”

  1. Looks interesting but I’m more of a Forgotten Realms Campaign player myself. Currently I have a Strongheart Halfling Favored Soul whom wields a Greatsword and a Flind Gnoll Ranger that worships Lathander whose favored enemy is the undead.

    If you’re interested in End of the World style scenarios, you may want to have a look at Terry Brooks sometime, specifically the Genesis of Shannara trilogy.

    Anyways that actually looks like rather light reading from my standpoint. Is the cthulhu RPG stuff going off of D&D rules, and if so what version of D&D rules do you use?

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