Tweets of the Day, Pay Attention To Who Accepts The Crimea Results edition.

These two tweets pretty much sum up my reaction…

…but there may be people out there who actually think that the results weren’t preordained*. I suggest that you keep track of those people. AND DO NOT LEND THEM MONEY. Or anything else that you would mind losing.

Moe Lane

*Which is not the same as saying “A majority of the Crimea doesn’t want to rejoin Russia.”

7 thoughts on “Tweets of the Day, Pay Attention To Who Accepts The Crimea Results edition.”

  1. Any vote by the point of a gun is illegitimate and all President Obama has to offer are words. I’m sure Nero had strong words as Rome burned.

    1. He is too busy taking notes, so all he has time for are words.

      Subotai Bahadur

  2. Anyone that thinks that vote is legit is either deluding themselves or is a total idiot.

    1. Define “legit”.
      It’s unlikely that Russia did any overt cheating. They didn’t have to. Crimea’s population has extremely close ethnic, cultural, economic, and military ties with Russia. Even without the implied threat of force, the voters there consistently and solidly supported Russia’s catspaws in the Ukraine.
      Russia broke agreements when they invaded Crimea, but holding the election violates nothing at all.
      This election (although admittedly a dark joke) solidifies Russia’s pretext, and puts the countries who disagree in an uncomfortable spot. After all, our country has been preaching the doctrine of self-determination for quite awhile.
      We also know from their previous behavior that Obama and most of Europe’s leaders are seeking a fig leaf. Well, here it is. Gift-wrapped in the lingo they pay lipservice to.
      This is definitely “legit” diplomacy. School is in session.

      1. Well put, Luke. And it has been interesting, in a sad kind of way, to watch the American media hail the overthrow of a democratically elected gov’t as democracy, and denounce another election as intimidation. They have it backwards and upside down, but what’s new.

        1. de·moc·ra·cy
          government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
          The overthrow of the former Ukrainian government by popular uprising was democratic, by definition. Especially so given the government was trying to seize supreme power for itself when the people rose up against them.
          The problem, as I see it, is that both Dizzy City and the MSM actively conflate the word “democracy” with the word “good”.
          Which is fine in the case of the uprising, but is incoherent in the face of the Crimean plebiscite. They hit the limits of what their NewSpeak allows them to think. They’re stuck in a syllogism much like: Democracy is good. Russia seizing part of another country is not good. Therefore, Russia seizing part of another country cannot be democratic. and they scramble to rationalize a reason why.
          You’ve seen the flipside of this in the occasional rants against Singapore by our chattering classes. It’s not a democracy, so therefore it cannot be good.
          (How this standard never gets imposed on Castro and the rest… Well, best not to speculate.)

  3. One cynical observation – I find it interesting that Obama et al cries fraud on the Crimean vote, and the left supports him all the way, but there’s no scrutiny or honest appraisal about the intentional efforts by the Democrats to aid voter fraud in America in order to win elections. Yes, the hypocrites don’t see the irony.

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