Amazing what a sufficiently loud complaint about iTunes…

…can accomplish, huh?  Yeah, they finally realized that I had bought that dang album and charged my PayPal account accordingly.  I wonder whether it was just my request for information on how to go about cancelling my order that caused iTunes to process said order. And if I did get expedited treatment because of my (somewhat modest) social media presence, I wonder whether it was more due to the blog, or to Twitter.  I have more reach with the latter*.

Moe Lane

*Either a little more or a lot more, depending on whether I’m using my effective access to @RedState. That account’s 130K followers is nothing to sneeze at, but I only can use it for political stuff.

2 thoughts on “Amazing what a sufficiently loud complaint about iTunes…”

  1. It really depends Moe, how would you rate iTune’s customer service department when you talked to them? I’ve been surprised about some companies in the past that actually do have good customer service when trying to get something fixed.

    It could also be the result of who you are, for all we know, there could be a couple of big-wigs at iTunes, that are among your 130k followers.

    In any event, I’m glad the problem was taken care of.

    1. *RedState’s* 130K followers. I have just over 8K. 🙂

      As to customer service, they were nice enough. Not at Amazon levels, but nice.

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