This was originally a rant…

…on why in God’s name anybody would make a sequel to The Purge, but I know why: it made $64.4 million domestic on a $3 million dollar budget. And they want me to rant. Ranting might get them more people going to see that sequel.  More buzz.  So instead of getting caught up in their twisted little game, I give unto you this inspirational video.

Because you know what they say: fight fire with sloths.


  • BigGator5 says:

    The fact that The Purge made dollar one, makes me weep for this world.

    • garfieldjl says:

      I don’t even have a clue what the plot for “The Purge,” was… Not that I care to see it anyways, anyways if you want to see a really bad movie try “La gente” (sp?), I had to see it for a class (yes it’s a French film), and it was awful.

      • 1_rick says:

        C’mon, people, try a little. If you wanna see a bad movie, see Freddie Got Fingered. Except you don’t wanna see a bad movie that bad.

        The ultimate test of a movie is when the ticket-taker asks you why you want to see it. I’ve only had that happen one time ever in 30+ years of going to see movies that I’m the one who paid for the ticket.

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