This is, remarkably, Rick Scott’s best poll yet.

This would normally be a horrible poll for Governor Rick Scott…

34% Crist
33% Scott
…17% Somebody Else
17% Don’t Know/No Answer

…except of course that the polling historically has been worse for Scott since, well, forever.  Essentially, the reason why Charlie Crist has gotten this far is that he always polled very well against Scott; will that remain true, now that Florida voters internalize the idea that voting for Charlie Crist means, well, voting for Charlie Crist?  Time will, as they say, tell.


Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “This is, remarkably, Rick Scott’s best poll yet.”

  1. Now, I’ve been in FL for a few years now and I still don’t really know what Scott has done to be so unpopular. I didn’t appreciate his desire to expand medicaid, but he was in the toilet before then. Is he just supremely non charismatic? Anyone know?

    1. AFAICT, it’s because “everybody knows” is a powerful meme, and ritualized denunciations are always popular.

    2. It’s true that he’s non-charismatic and he’s not especially photogenic (in fact he’s regularly lampooned with a skeleton head). But as a Florida native, I’d say his unpopularity is due to three things: a)he was a corp healthcare exec, b) he was the “tea party candidate” and c) the orchestrated, coordinated efforts and venom of public unions and virtually every media outlet in Florida.

      To whit, “c”… my paper editorialized, “Mr. Scott where are the promised jobs?”. Four weeks before he was sworn in.

  2. Heh. And everybody in the polling business and all the major papers KNEW Alex Sink was going to thrash that extremist Scott back in ’10.

    1. Wasn’t she supposed to thrash Republican David Jolly in that special election too? Seriously, I’m not sure how accurate those poll numbers are, based on how the other recent election demonstrated that the data was seriously skewed to favor Democrats.

  3. Florida’s only saving grace lies in the fact that Charlie Crist or Rick Scott can only serve four more years. It really doesn’t matter who wins, they’re both awful. Maybe in four years we can get a better candidate *coughmarcorubiocough*.
    Rick Scott may have had the support of the Tea Party, but he squandered any good will he had with them in his second year. Approving Sun Rail did not help matters.

    1. Adam Putnam is good isn’t he? I’m not quite willing to let Marco leave the Senate.

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