Oh, please, no more winter…

But apparently that is not an actual option.


I know that climate is not weather, but dammit: the global warming people promised me higher humidity, higher temperatures, and higher CO2. I was told “greenhouse effect.” So I want to see some goram warming around here. I had half a foot of snow dropped on me yesterday. In March. In Maryland. I feel that I have been lied to.

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  1. Okay, this is going to be a lengthy explanation, since this issue isn’t exactly a simple one. (I didn’t know you were in Maryland, Moe (I’ve been to that state (near the DC area), people could tell I wasn’t from the area because I was too polite (hope that’s just cause I was near DC))

    While technically, global warming could cause a decrease in temperature, that part is true (it isn’t the whole truth which I’ll explain later in this comment). An example of how this is true would be similar to what happens when you put ice in a drink that you want to keep cold, and the ice melts (this lowers the temperature inside the glass). That being said, it is often said a half-truth is just as bad or even worse than a lie, and the global warming fanatics tell people only the part of the truth that suits them.

    The fact of the matter is that the climate has been changing in a cyclical fashion for billions of years. Seriously, we’ve had warm periods followed by ice ages, we’ve had mini-ice ages, in fact the last mini-ice age ended in the late 19th century to the early 20th century.
    It would honestly make sense for us to be seeing some warming as a result of coming out of a mini-ice age.

    To reinterate what I just said, while climate-change is proven, that much can’t be disputed (we’ve had cyclical climate change since before the time of the dinosaurs), the idea that it has been proven to be “man-made” has not (especially considering dinosaurs died out before man existed). I know global warming fanatics like to pretend that climategate wasn’t a legitimate scandal, the reality is that it was (when I had my internship out near DC when the climategate scandal broke, I heard through the grapevine at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, that quite a few scientists were ticked off at the scientists in the UK for feeding them bogus data that put their credibility in question, data that they had accepted in good faith.

    There is also evidence to suggest that our climate is affected by changes in solar activity, and last I checked, humans can’t regulate solar activity. Also, it would help if scientists didn’t put their thermometers near the exhausts of air-conditioners, on blacktop, or by ovens, seriously, having them in those locations would throw their readings off by more than a few degrees.

    If these global-warming alarmists were actually serious about this, they would be suggesting things like planting more trees, when abandoned buildings are knocked down or left vacant and deteriorating, either build a new building where the old one stood, or turn it into a park. If nothing else, it would cut down on the eye-sore of a deteriorating building. We could utilize carbon trapping for coal power plants, our power plants are more efficient than ones that are seen in China. We could utilize more nuclear power in tectonically stable locations. There have also been instances of waste heat in refineries, steel mills, etc. being used to generate additional electrical power. There are many things that can be done without these blind-panics that global warming fanatics encourage. The private market generally loves to have ways that they can increase production efficiency, things that allow them to do more with less input cost. The fact that instead of seeing common sense solutions, we see arguments for population control, wealth redistribution, etc. seems to indicate that this is nothing more than just another ploy to get more power over people’s lives.

    As for all the snow and stuff we’ve been seeing, there is something called winter (which happens every year), I’m guessing many climate-change idiots forgot that fact. I suppose a way to save the planet would be to hook up a massive wind turbine in Washington DC, and use all the hot air that comes from Washington to power the country.

  2. “Global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter; that’s what we’re dealing with.”-Steven Guilbeault of Greenpeace
    It’s a great religion. No matter what happens, you’re proven right.

    1. They’ve taken science and turned it almost like a religion or even a cult-like mentality. If they were acting like scientists, they’d be considering the studies that call their own beliefs into question based on merit, which they haven’t been doing.

      The climate on Earth has been warming and cooling for billions of years. To claim it is all due to man is is illogical to say the least. Can man in theory have some effect on the environment, sure. However, various types of trees could be considered contributors. Additionally, as I mentioned before, there is also climategate to consider.

  3. Move somewhere where you expect it. Then on those years it doesn’t happen, you’re pleasantly surprised. (Also, where they don’t close down school for a measly 6″ of snow.)
    Don’t mind me. I’m just going to go outside and bask in some downright unseasonable sunshine.

  4. Well you just had to go and buy “Frozen” before winter was no more than a bad memory. A bad omen that.

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