9 thoughts on “And…. this is more or less my sentiment, right now.”

  1. I presume you’ll be hacking moelane.com later to make it look like you don’t have nine absences, then?

  2. Well, since we know that Ferris was just a figment of Cameron’s imagination in a fever dream, get well soon?

    1. Hey Moe, you know that there is an end code to the YouTube embed?
      src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/[video]?start=[Time In Seconds]&end=[Time In Seconds]”
      You know, for future references.

  3. Clammy palms? Hey, Moe, if we ever meet, would you mind if I just wave rather than shaking hands?

  4. It’s weird, the last time I saw FBDO, it was some bizarre edit that made him seem like a lying manipulative douche bag.


    I guess you still got a copy where he’s a happy-go-lucky free spirit?

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