So, is Titanfall a thing, then?

Because it kind of looks like a thing.

3 thoughts on “So, is Titanfall a thing, then?”

  1. Yes. Yes it is. It is Mechwarroir meets evey FPS you’ve ever played (because you fight in and out of mechs). From what I gather, there is no single-player campaign play. There are no dumb AI bots to play. It is all online play.

  2. It’s thing in the form of a noun.
    Sound and fury, signifying nothing. There is no story, no background, nothing to explore. Just step into the arena and fight.
    Thanks, but I’d rather not.
    Granted, I’d be totally interested if there was single-player. But there isn’t. And I’m sure not going to buy a $60 game plus a monthly subscription to the Gold version of XBoxLive to play a competitive game against people who sink hundreds of hours into dominating the format. That sounds like a waste of both time and money.

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