The House Ethics Committee needs to do more than ‘investigate’ Members of Congress.

I have no idea whether this particular case has anything to it:

The House Ethics Committee is looking into whether Rep. Luis Gutiérrez’s (D-Ill.) violated House rules.

The Ethics Committee did not specify the matter on Thursday, but USA Today has reported Gutiérrez continued to employ his former chief of staff Doug Scofield — now an Illinois lobbyist — as a paid contractor since 2003. Scofield had been paid more than $500,000, the newspaper reported, to train staff and write press releases, among other things.

…but I’ve noticed that while there are a goodly number of investigations, nothing ever seems to happen to the Members of Congress who get investigated. They’re all as pure as new-fallen snow, apparently.  I say this in a rare mood of bipartisanship: it beggars the imagination to think that there is nobody currently in Congress who deserves to be thrown out of it.  They’re overdue for making an example of somebody.

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  • acat says:

    Just want to point out the date, Moe.
    Gutierrez won his primary against newcomer Alexandra Eidenberg ( on Tuesday .. and this drops on Friday.
    Where was ANY coverage of these charged before the election, eh?

  • garfieldjl says:

    Quite frankly, I’m not surprised, this is Illinois politics as usual, and it appears Republicans don’t have the spine to take it further than “investigations.”

    I’m guessing Republicans are afraid of being called racist if they actually hold this guy accountable.

    • acat says:

      Gutierrez is in “the earmuffs” district – it’s deliberately constructed along two long railroad right-of-ways and an interstate, IIRC, to create a Hispanic-majority district largely inside the City of Chicago.
      Also, if I’m thinking of the right district, it’s about the darkest blue district (fewest republican votes cast) nationwide.
      The GOP can’t win an election, so their goals in getting rid of Luis are .. somewhat limited.

  • Luke says:

    The last person I remember getting hammered was Gingrich.
    Of course, that was for something innocuous. But by golly, he pissed off the right people, and an example had to be made!

    • garfieldjl says:

      Yeah, he was teaching a college history class on the side and his lawyer screwed up some paperwork after being spammed by Nancy Pelosi over and over…

  • Free-range Oyster says:

    Why would Congresscritters hold one another accountable? ‘Twould set a horrifying precedent! Why, next time someone might do something untoward about their felonies frauds droit de seigneur proper tribute minor errors!

    See also that masterwork, “Application of the Genus Vulpes for the Protection of Domestic Poultry”

    • garfieldjl says:

      When Republicans get caught in scandals they usually have the courtesy to resign. Democrats are more apt to circle the wagons.

  • Shel says:

    “Pour encourager les autres.”

  • qixlqatl says:

    The House ethics Committee must have the easiest job in the world: safeguarding the non-existent…

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