The Democratic party’s devolution on the values of military service.

Remember how, from 2001 to 2006 or so, the Democrats kept screaming about “chickenhawking?” – Oh, yes, the Left has been re-purposing homophobic slurs for some time: they used that term to attack anybody who supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but did not actually serve.  It went nowhere, of course: your average anti-war type not only does not understand the concepts of ‘democracy’ and ‘America;’ he can’t actually spell them* – but it was nonetheless a phenomenon.  To the point where John Kerry spent the 2004 election apparently answering every question with a reminder that, hey, he served in Vietnam. Crazy, I know, but that was the thing then.

And what’s the thing now?  Declaring that war veterans are out of touch with America and shouldn’t run for office.

Via Hot Air, and I have to say: it takes a certain amount of brass for Mark Pryor and Mark Begich – two guys who only got elected because their daddies were important – to lecture anybody about life experiences. And I would say that even if they were lecturing two civilians, let alone military service veterans. There’s more to being in Congress than your last name.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Apparently the antiwar Left keeps thinking that there’s a “K” in “America:” I assume that the problem bleeds into their spelling generally.

3 thoughts on “The Democratic party’s devolution on the values of military service.”

  1. Hotair isn’t the first one to report this story, I can’t remember if it was townhall, dailycaller, or maybe nationalreview reported on this earlier.

    Anyways, I’m glad this has made it to hotair and by extension to redstate. Hopefully this will get enough attention to make it on Fox News and Drudge Report. That would really get Democrats to have to go into full damage control mode and get at least some of the establishment Republicans to go ballistic.

  2. So the Democrats are suddenly ashamed or uncomfortable with calling us poorly-educated, inbred, hillbilly, baby murdering, brainwashed servants of the oil corporations? They never seemed to have a problem until now. I wonder what changed?

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