Permit me to translate Gov. Terry Branstad’s remarks about Bruce Braley..

This would be about Bruce Braley’s stunningly inept campaign stumble*, by the way. Governor Branstad:

Branstad, who talked with reporters Wednesday after an Iowa Statehouse bill signing ceremony to revise Iowa’s corn promotion checkoff, was unrelenting in his remarks about Braley’s criticism of Grassley.

“I think it is awful. I think it is terrible, that somebody running for office in Iowa would go to Texas to raise money from trial lawyers and then put down our senior senator and the farmers of the state of Iowa,” Branstad said. “And I think that this is something that Iowans will not forget. Agriculture is something that is important to this state, and we were there in the nation’s Capitol to honor one of the greatest humanitarians of all time who was a farmer, who became a great agriculture researcher and saved a billion people. And it is just unthinkable.”

Translation: It will be a cold day in Hell before I sign off on any attempt to let the Democrats remove Bruce Braley from the primary and substitute somebody else. This is relevant because the deadline for filing for the primary has passed, and Braley is the only Democrat on the ticket for IA-SEN. And since the legislature is split, and the governor is of the other party, getting that rule changed would not exactly be a trivial exercise for the Democrats.

And that, class, is why you should always have contested primaries. You never know when your handpicked Iowa Senate candidate will go tell a bunch of Texas tort lawyers why it’s absolutely vital that an Iowa farmer not be given a position of power and authority in the US Senate. After the filing deadline.

Moe Lane

*Which I didn’t cover only because Dan McLaughlin in that link said everything that I would have.

7 thoughts on “Permit me to translate Gov. Terry Branstad’s remarks about Bruce Braley..”

  1. The Dems used to be good at running someone in every race on the off chance the designated winner would stumble..

  2. The longer O’bama is in office the more the Democrats are going to go off the rails. Witness yesterday, it was like they all the sudden got hit with an idiocy bomb.

    1. Well, he’s gotten away with it so far. As have many members of his administration. Not to mention the Clinton administration before them. And the media is in the tank for Democrats in general, and the farther Left, the more cover they receive.
      So if everyone else seems to be getting away with it, why wouldn’t they try?
      Especially if they’ve been dirty for a long while and never called on it.

      1. Precisely but they don’t realize there certain points where no matter who is calling the shots in Washington the federal LEA’s start getting worried enough to act. Trafficking in fully automatic weapons is one of them, openly selling your vote is another (if you do that how long will it be before you sell your vote to cut LEA funding to organized crime?). And there are no doubt other points (ie., kiddy porn) that will trigger action as well. The Dem’s seem entirely oblivious to these automatic triggers.

  3. As for Braley and Gov Mark Dayton’s of Minnesota faux pas yesterday that is the usual expecting the MSM to cover up their stupidity for them and having it not work out the way they thought it would. (Dayton by the way suggested that parents of kids with cancer should just get pot from the local dealer and not push for a medical marijuanna law.)

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