“Johnny 99.”

Johnny 99, Bruce Springsteen

Seriously, Nebraska is a hell of a lot less annoying an album once you force yourself to see it as folk.


  • Luke says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand what you East Coasters see in the man’s music.

      • Luke says:

        Read the article, paraphrased it as “He’s a pretty decent human being.”
        That’s a pretty low bar to clear, even for pop musicians. I’d be surprised if an outright majority of them couldn’t meet that standard.
        My brief against him is simple: he can’t sing all that well, and his songs aren’t very interesting.
        (Obviously, that’s a statement of subjective taste.)
        Some people love him. But for all the praise of him I’ve heard over the years, I’ve rarely heard much about the musician’s actual music. [shrug] AFAICT, publicly liking Springstein is more a tribal shibboleth than anything else.

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