It is *snowing.* *Again.*

Anybody got some perfluorocarbons? That’s the stuff that causes global warming, right? – Because right now I’d be outside spritzing the area with my spray deodorant if I thought it’d do any good.

Moe Lane

PS: On the bright side: they’re not going to declare Maryland to be a drought area any time soon.


PPPS: Orrrrr we could be in the middle of a flood warning. Apparently, we live downstream of a dam.

4 thoughts on “It is *snowing.* *Again.*”

    1. So do I, and it was cold today – 62 when we went out to pick strawberries….
      And no state income tax 🙂

  1. Blooding will be a major problem this Spring especially in the Mississippi water shed. Snow melt will not be able to flow into rivers because of the heavy ice cover.

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