Sunday evenings are the worst in this gig.

Nothing ever happens and if it does it’s usually bad; they almost never put up any kind of relevant culture stuff up over the weekend; and there’s a limit to how much you can carp about video games and/or television shows. I’m almost ready to start putting up cat videos.

Shorter Moe Lane: BORED NOW.

7 thoughts on “Sunday evenings are the worst in this gig.”

  1. Well, did you hear about the pro-gun control California State Senator that was arrested for arms trafficking?

      1. Didn’t know, I had been off of the computer, one of my pet cats died this past Friday (he was over 20 years old).

        So you comment on the Vatican vs Obama yet?

  2. Watched magicians secrets revealed, again. Trying to convince myself not to get lured into Marvel Dice Masters when it comes out next month. Not connected but Sumday night, also bored

  3. May I suggest “Moe Lane’s Greatest Hits”, where you dig through the archives, pick a story that got a lot of comments, and write something new about it?
    Alternately, “Moe Lane’s ‘whatever happened to…'”, where you dig through the archives, pick a Pol Behaving Badly story, and see where they’ve gotten to. If Illinois is a benchmark, the answer will frequently be “into the executive branch woodwork”. (Tammy Duckworth, for example, jeopardized a rehab facility’s tax exempt status by using them as a campaign stop, lost her challenge, was appointed Veterans Affairs Director, then beat Joe Walsh .. although Michael Bilandic went judicial instead…)
    I figure your google-fu is up to both challenges, and they’ll help keep the rats down.

  4. Is that the “kids in the back of the car, saying Are we there yet” bored now? Or is that the Willow in BtVS Bored Now?

    Cause if the second, RUN AWAY!

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