The Delta Green Bundle of Holding. [Gamers will want to buy this.]

I am not getting this one solely because I already HAVE all of it. Delta Green is one of the greatest roleplaying campaign settings of all time, and is one of my absolute favorites. Twenty bucks is dirt cheap for this much concentrated awesome.


Moe Lane

PS: They’re going to be doing a new edition, and I am going to be one of the Alpha Team playtesters.  I paid money to be on Alpha Team; that is how much I love this game.

PPS: If you’ve gotten this far without already knowing… well, OK: Delta Green is a roleplaying game that is usually described as “X-Files meets Call of Cthulhu,” which is a correct but not sufficient description.

5 thoughts on “The Delta Green Bundle of Holding. [Gamers will want to buy this.]”

  1. It’s cool, and the price is much better than paying retail for all that stuff. But I’ve already got more RPGs that I’ll never play than I can shake a stick at. Is it decent just as reading material?

  2. I already have most everything in print for Delta Green (God, I love that setting), but $8.95 to have two of the core books in PDF is a steal.

    Speaking of all things Mythos, anyone else ever think that Obamacare is a Mi-Go plot?

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