House Ways/Means Chair Dave Camp to retire. And the DCCC is helpless.

Oh, sure, the DCCC is going to put a nice face on it over there, because that’s what you do when you don’t have the money or the votes.  But it’s the wrong cycle for a pickup and the Democrats are not going to win the governorship and they’re now looking less and less likely to keep the Senate seat and MI-04 is R+4, which right now is about as accessible to the Democrats as is, say, the Moon. The best part? …The DCCC will have to pretend that it’s a possibility, because doing anything else will shut down the revenue streams.

Yes, I am crying inside.

More details here.


  • Aruges says:

    So, I guess that tax reform plan of his was a real winner…

  • acat says:

    Most interesting that he isn’t running for the Senate. Ways and Means *meant* something when Rostenkowski ran it ..
    How pathetic and weak these Dems have become.

    • Spegen says:

      When Rostenkoski ran it, it lead to a conviction

      • acat says:

        Load up Google Maps (or Mapquest, if you prefer) and punch in Chicago, IL.
        See all those interstates? Rosty’s legacy.
        I’m a little surprised, every time I look at it, that they don’t *spell* “Rosty”.
        What’s this Camp guy done for *his* district?

  • BigGator5 says:

    “Yes, I am crying inside.”
    Was that before or after you finish laughing on the floor?

  • bobby b says:

    So I’m preparing myself for the inevitable letdown and deep, deep depression that will surely follow close on the heels of the wipeout of Republican candidates in the next election cycle.

    Because once Republicans start thinking “we can win the Senate!”, or “the presidency is ours!”, or even “the Republican candidate for mayor of Embarrass, Minnesota is a shoe-in!”, they – we? – always manage to do what I call “pulling a Newt” – i.e., we always manage to do something or say something so boneheaded and unaware that we drive millions of wiling voters away at the last minute.

    • Luke says:

      Those voters aren’t very willing if they can rationalize themselves out of it that easily.
      I note that numerous Obama and Biden gaffes didn’t blunt voters from turning out for them.
      Heck, four years of demonstrated abject executive failure hardly made a dent.

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