Tweet of the Day, Reid Has Gone Bye-Bye edition…

…and I’m not going to continue that joke, because there isn’t a Democrat in government who deserves to be allowed to stand in for Egon. Hell, I’m pushing the envelope by suggesting that one of ’em could be Ray.

I’m wondering whether Harry Reid’s just not going to run in 2016. This may be how a Senator looks when he’s losing whatever it is that keeps him from wearing his underpants on his head in public.

Via Twitchy, which has more. So much, much more.

11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Reid Has Gone Bye-Bye edition…”

  1. I love how Congresscritters get away with slandering U.S. citizens. Maybe I’m in the wrong career field.

    1. If he said it on the floor of the US Senate, (can’t remember where he made the comments off the top of my head) he cannot be legally held to account for it. I know it is annoying, but there is a good reason for this, it helps to prevent the executive branch from being able to legally arrest members of congress if they take a position the President doesn’t approve of

      1. That was the shield that John Murtha (Scum sucking EX Marine) hid behind when he slandered a group of Marines.
        But between Mitt Romney and the Koch Brothers, I’m starting to think that the law needs to be repealed or allow the citizens equal time in Congress to answer remarks like that.

        1. So you want to change something that dates back to the founding fathers. It was put in there for a good reason.

          Seriously think about it, Obama would love to have the ability to arrest say Ted Cruz for his continued opposition to Obama’s policies.

          1. There is a very big difference between “slander” and “speaking out against a policy.” Good luck in getting an arrest or conviction on any of the second.
            And please reread my post: I advocated as an alternative giving anyone targeted by a Congresscritter equal time on the floor to rebut such things.

          2. But who decides when something is slander Cameron? That is why the founding fathers made sure that protection exists. Yes, the Democrats have been abusing that protection, but that protection does exist for a valid reason.

          3. “So you want to change something that dates back to the founding fathers. It was put in there for a good reason.”

            Certainly — and in that time, there was a recourse for the abuse Reid and Murtha have indulged in. Dueling was legal.

            I say we re-legalize dueling, if only for Congresscritters otherwise protected by the speech and debate clause. Don’t allow seconds, and… let’s limit the weapons to single-shot muzzle-loading pistols, smooth bore.

            Seems to me that would both limit the abuse of both the speech and debate clause and of the dueling clause.

          4. When you have a Senator declaring that a U.S. citizen has not paid taxes in ten years and refuses to provide any evidence, then follows up with it by dropping numerous accusations against two other U.S. citizens without evidence, I think it’s safe to say that it falls within the realm of slander.
            And Crawford’s idea is pretty sound. They can say what they want, but they better be prepared to back it up with their lives.

  2. I miss the old days, when the relatives would lock insane family members in the attic….

  3. Who do Democrats have besides Harry Reid who could hold that seat though? Outside of Presidential elections NV Dems haven’t been that great. Rs have carried NV two out of the last four Presidential elections, and have held one of it’s two Senate seats since 2000, they held the edge 2-1 until the 2010 Census when NV gained a seat and now are tied 2-2 in the HOR delegation.
    Brian Sandoval ( former AG, Fed Judge) beat a R incumbent Governor and then crushed Rory Reid in 2010, and is practically unopposed in 2014, it is incredibly likely that the GOP will hold the Open Lt. Gov seat, and Adam Paul Laxalt ( Domenici’s bastard, grandson of Sen. Paul Laxalt) will likely win the AG race.
    Sandoval is predicted to run against Harry ( and at this rate I think he beats him, but he easily beats any other Dem)
    So who can win besides Dirty Harry?

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