I suspect that they hacked Tor six months ago, actually.

They’re just telling us now because, well, at some point you have to.

Law-enforcement agencies are increasingly finding ways to unmask users of a popular Web browser designed to hide identities and allow individuals to exist online anonymously.

To keep their identities secret, users and administrators of a recently shuttered child-pornography website used a browser called Tor that obscures the source of Web traffic, authorities said in March. Agents from Homeland Security Investigations tracked many of them down anyway, largely because of mistakes that even some of the most sophisticated users eventually make.

Just to see who runs.

Moe Lane

PS: Tor, by the way, is the bane of many a web administrator’s existence: and it’s one of the major reasons why you need to sign up with ML.com in order to comment. Not every Tor user is awful, but it’s a favorite tool of trolls.

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