Charles Djou running for Hawaii-01, NOT Hawaii-SEN.

Interesting, and a pity: “Former U.S. Rep, Charles Djou, a Republican, officially announced today that he is running for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District seat.” It’s a pity because while there weren’t that many ways to take advantage of the gutter war in the Democratic primary between Brian Schatz and Colleen Hanabusa, Charles Djou was pretty much the biggest Republican name that could run who wasn’t running for something else (Hawaii doesn’t have much of a Republican presence*). Unless Linda Lingle is ready to run again, that’s pretty much it…


Moe Lane

*To give you an idea: the nickname of the Republican Hawaii Senate caucus?  “Sam.”

7 thoughts on “Charles Djou running for Hawaii-01, NOT Hawaii-SEN.”

    1. Did you see Mark Kirk’s recent comments about the Senate race? Sure glad we won that election in 2010 just for him to call it a “partisan jihad”

      1. You’d rather Gianoulias (D-Mob) got in?
        Nominate the most conservative candidate possible, and in Illinois .. Kirk might be it.

          1. The rumor is the Illinois Combine let Kirk take the Senate if Quinn could keep the governors mansion.
            Given the *incompetent* campaign Brady ran, wouldn’t surprise me.
            Kirk’s health has me concerned he’ll be a one-term wonder, but that’s an issue for another election season.

        1. No I wouldn’t rather have the mobster, but Kirk’s comments were inappropriate and grossly unnecessary ( if the purpose was to help win re-election it backfired)

          Kirk better pray the D’s run someone really incompetent.
          If they run someone like Bill Enyart or Dan Lipinksi ( no real chance there though) Kirk’s toast.

  1. And lose a third straight election? Why? This makes no sense.
    We don’t need his vote in the House, if I’m going to put up with a RINO ( and let’s face it that’s what Djou is, though not as bad as Specter or Chafee more like Scott Brown or Mark Kirk) then I’d rather he run for Senate where his vote would matter more.
    What use are moderates if they won’t run in the elections specifically designed for them
    First Scott Brown wouldn’t run against Markey
    Then IL GOP nominated “stinkburger” Oberweis
    and now Djou won’t run against Schatz or possibly Hannabusa.
    Dag Nabit! And the likes of Lamar, Lindsey, McCain and Murkowski persist and outnumber their blue state rino brethren ( Kirk and Collins being the only two)

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