Charles Schumer is having a cranky day.

The following paragraph tells you everything you need to know about Senator Charles Schumer (D, New York) and his Democratic compatriots:

“Let’s say you’re a person who doesn’t believe in undisclosed money; let’s say you’re a person who doesn’t want to go to a 501(c)(4) because you’re worried maybe there’ll be an IRS investigation sometime down the road,” Schumer told reporters. “You can write one check to a joint committee of 232 House members and give them each the maximum.”

…you see, Schumer thinks that this is a bad thing. Which I suppose it kind of is, if you’re a Democrat this cycle.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d note the bit where Sen. Schumer was so freaking wistful at the thought that the IRS wouldn’t be quite the tool for political control that it was before McCutcheon, except that Schumer is going to have other things to worry about next year. ┬áLike how to smooth things over with all the new Senators that he’s been a schmuck to since 2007.

3 thoughts on “Charles Schumer is having a cranky day.”

  1. The sourness of Senate Democrats puts a spring in my step. Just think what they’re going to be like as the minority party.

  2. I think that the D’Amato Theorem has been proven: Schumer is not so much a schmuck as a putz.

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