US government decides not to sign off on Iranian insult to the USA.

I sincerely hope that this will be a teachable moment for the administration.

The United States has informed Iran that it will not issue a visa to Tehran’s controversial pick for envoy to the United Nations, the White House said Friday.

Denying visas to U.N. ambassadorial nominees or to foreign heads of state who want to attend United Nations events in the United States is rare, if not unprecedented.

The Obama administration had previously said only that the nomination of Hamid Aboutalebi, who was a member of the group responsible for the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, was “not viable.” U.S. officials had hoped the issue could be resolved by Tehran simply withdrawing the nomination.

…bolding mine, because that’s the subject of the teachable moment: sometimes, the bad guys simply don’t care if you’re upset.  Or else they’re counting on it.  They’re certainly going to push us – the good guys, if the administration is having difficulty keeping track – as hard as they can. I suggest that we don’t let things get this far next time.

Oh, yes, there will be a next time.  It never stops.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “US government decides not to sign off on Iranian insult to the USA.”

  1. Obama probably didn’t care about the fact Iran nominated the guy to be an ambassador. He’s probably wondering why other people had an objection.

  2. When Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumer are in vocal agreement that the administration is screwing the pooch…

    1. “Screwing the pooch”?!?! *spit* This administration has gang raped and sodomized every kennel, puppy mill, and dog shelter in the country, and a few overseas. No let up in sight……..

  3. If we had a leader with gonads, they would allow him in the country. Then when he stepped off the plane, grab him and throw his ass in Gitmo with the other terrorists.

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