I imagine Russia is much like Dr. Doom’s Latveria, at times.

That is not meant as a compliment, but some people might take it as one anyway.

To answer Allahpundit’s question somewhat:

Exit question for Russia experts: Would a population whose adults grew up in the Soviet Union really be that sensitive to revelations that they’re being spied on en masse by Moscow? Don’t they assume they’re being spied on already and that Putin’s lying to them, just as their leaders always have?

…the thing of it here is that the Russians almost certainly know that they’re being spied on; what is not happening is that they’re not being informed on. As I understand it, you can sit around your table – or at a bar – and spout off all you like about how much the country and Putin sucks – and you’ll be back at the table or the bar the next day*. It is a measure of the utter damnation of Soviet Communism as a concept that gaining the ability to effectively safely speak your mind (as long as it’s not where potentially the whole country can hear you) can be seen as a quantum leap in freedom of expression, but I don’t have control over the past.

Moe Lane

*Unless you’re a journalist.  Then you’re pretty much [expletive deleted].

4 thoughts on “I imagine Russia is much like Dr. Doom’s Latveria, at times.”

  1. “I imagine Russia is much like Dr. Doom’s Latveria, at times.”
    You’ve got to be kidding. Dispite being an “Enforced Monarchy”, everyday people of the Marvel Universe would give their right arm to live in Latveria. It may be brutal to live there, but everyone who does fanatically love Dr. Doom because he keeps them safe and the nation has unparalleled economic prosperity. Here, let me correct that title for you:
    “I imagine Russia is much NOT like Dr. Doom’s Latveria, at times.”

  2. “All that is gold does not glitter” etc., the rules of the world can be varied if you are willing to try. I have a cat I can walk on a leash how do you think he’ll respond to a threat against me and mine. And he is just one of my 8 cats. Choose your allies well.

  3. Just noting that all the accusations Russia was leveling about Nazis being a major component of the rebellion have been proven to be projection.

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