NRSC: Senate map is nicely expanding for the GOP.

A quick bite:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, a group tasked with getting Republicans elected to the Senate, believes Republicans have expanded the 2014 playing field with five more contested races as the GOP seeks to retake control of the chamber.

In a memo released to consultants Friday morning, NRSC political director Ward Baker writes that Republicans have become competitive in Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Oregon and Minnesota since the start of the year.

I agree, as long as it’s understood that ‘competitive’ does not mean ‘winning.’ This is definite second-tier stuff… which is an improvement, because at the beginning of the year all of these were third-tier. If you live in any of these states, now would be a good time to start doing what you can to make sure that the Democratic candidates lose…

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: You don’t have to like the NRSC to accept that they can in fact smell weakness. And in this particular memo at least they’ve seem to internalized the realization that they can get away with saying nice things about their favored candidates if they would only stop trying to savage said candidates’ primary opposition.  Reward good behavior, punish bad behavior: that’s how you tame a dog, or a political committee.


  • Herp McDerp says:

    Gosh darn it*, I sure hope that a reasonably electable Oregon Republican survives the fratricidal primary system to go up against that unintelligent*, reprehensible*, contemptible* left-wing apparatchik* Jeff Merkley.
    * Or words to that effect.

  • midwestconservative says:

    Aye they can “smell weakness” several weeks after every hound has already caught their game.

    The fact that they’re only upgrading Minnesota now is a sign of their own weakness.

    If the NRSC were worth a warm bucket of spit they’d stop savaging challengers in KS and MS and KY and instead try to preserve the party’s chances in MN and OR.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Memo to the NRSC: Do not take Michelle Nunn lightly and assume Georgia is in the bag. She is raising money and has no primary opponent to spend it on. She also has no real negatives, which can’t be said for the most viable r. primary candidates. The wrong r.candidate can lose…

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