Tweet of the Day, I Clearly Partied With The Wrong Parliamentarians edition.

Disclaimer: I have never partied with parliamentarians. Unless those guys from Australia at that one Pennsic count: for all I know they were in government. I can’t say that I remember, largely because it got really, really drunk out that morning* and large portions of the next day or so are now just a genial blur. Ah, for the days of my well-spent youth.

Right. Anyway:

That’s pretty dang hardcore, that. Must be the periwigs. Or is that just the House of Lords?

Moe Lane

*The Pennsic War is one of those unique places where: a, you are not only permitted but subtly encouraged to be absolutely sh*t-faced in public at 10:15 AM on a weekday; and b, still expected to not be an utter ass about it. At least, it used to be that way: I haven’t been in a while. Standards may have slipped.