Barack Obama’s administration inches toward calling Israel an apartheid state.

To mangle a favorite saying of a friend of mine: The Kerry works for the Czar.

If there’s no two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict soon, Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state,” Secretary of State John Kerry told a room of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday.

Senior American officials have rarely, if ever, used the term “apartheid” in reference to Israel, and President Obama has previously rejected the idea that the word should apply to Jewish State. 

“Previously.”  One of two things just happened: either Barack Obama has nominated somebody for Secretary of State who is now putting words in Barack Obama’s mouth*; or the Obama administration has decided to start the process where they can distance themselves from an ally that is cordially hated by large swathes of supporters of the Obama administration.  You tell me which is worse, because I’m still scratching my head over trying to decide that one.

Moe Lane

*The Secretary of State has an obligation to watch his or her words that is pretty much unique in the American government (the only one who has to worry about it more would be the President). This is not a matter for excuses or explanations.  This is a matter of Barack Obama bringing in John Kerry and verbally flaying him alive until John Kerry gets the point.  Assuming, of course, that John Kerry isn’t sending Barack Obama’s message to the Israelis in the first place.

15 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s administration inches toward calling Israel an apartheid state.”

    1. Sadly, most American liberal Democrat Jews I’ve encountered don’t much care for Israel these days. They even may applaud such an inaccurate description of Israel’s situation. A pity, that.

      1. To paraphrase a certain IL Governor, does that mean Liberal Jews in America are like Jewish Nazi collaborators in WWII when it comes to Israel?

  1. Kind of makes me wonder if this Administration tried to get Israel to accept Iran going nuclear without taking action, and failed miserably at that task, and is now preparing the groundwork in advance for abandoning Israel after the inevitable unpleasantness. Or am I reading to much into this and it’s just another case of the Administration playing to its base.

    1. The administration has consistently been more anti-Israel than the Democratic base.
      Six years ago, mainstream Dems overwhelmingly supported Israel. That’s changed. Largely due to Obama’s leadership.
      Of course, those of us who were paying attention knew his attitude towards Israel back in 2008. It’s not like it was a secret.

    1. I think it’s both, I think they’re trying to come up with any excuse they can to wreck this country’s relationship with Israel without making it look like they were the ones at fault.

      I think the incompetitence is being shown by their choice of dates to make that comment.

  2. 3 more years and this embarrassment will be over.
    I honestly don’t care if Obama labels Israel a “apartheid” state, it will only mean the weakening of his position and the speedy return to “Normalcy” under the next Administration.
    Heck it might help Bibi in the polls.

  3. 3 more years and this embarrassment will be over.
    I have the forlorn hope that on at least one occasion in the next three years, I will be able to read a news story about President Obama and not mutter “You ####### ### ## # #####!” under my breath.

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