Delicious vicious revenge: Commie site getting smacked by copyright law.

It’s not irony because capitalism is supposed to make communism eat the pavement.  It deserves to, because capitalism is better than communism:

A radical publishing house, called Lawrence & Wishart, who at one time was connected to Great Britain’s Communist Party, is demanding the removal from the Marxists Internet Archive of the “Marx-Engels Collected Works”—hardcover books that sell for up to $50 a pop.

The archive has posted a message to its readers informing them that Lawrence & Wishart’s material will be removed April 30.

[Links removed because Marxism sucks. – ML]

Turns out that the publishing house wants to flog digital copies of its translation of the various unholy books of Marxism – hence, the copyright issue* – and thus they need the archive to stop giving away the documents for, like, free man.  This amuses me, but only up to a point: because I can’t help but think that we’d be a lot less tolerant of a fascist publisher and fansite having this dispute over the early works of, say, Benito Mussolini**. Let’s not pretend that anybody involved in this dispute doesn’t deserve to be treated as pariahs within their own society…


Moe Lane

*To the best of my knowledge: the original German-language text is in public domain by now. Contemporary English translations, ditto.  A translation done today is in itself a work subject to copyright, though.

**I picked that name deliberately, because he was essentially a clown.  Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.

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