The inevitable ‘Wow, those #obamacare paid signup numbers are bad, huh?’ post.

I assume that everybody’s checked out on today’s bombshell revelation from the House Energy & Commerce committee that their surveys show that no more than 67% of Obamacare signups actually, you know, paid. The problem for the administration needs to be noted, however. Philip Klein:

If they attack the Republican report as inaccurate, it will be an implicit acknowledgement that they have numbers that they aren’t releasing. So their choice is either to stay silent and let the GOP-obtained data fill the news vacuum, or release detailed enrollment data.

It’s way past time for them to come clean.

Yup. Although it may take a while for the administration to realize that they’re not, in fact, invulnerable on this issue.  Which is fine: I quite like the idea of pushing the upper limits of how many Senate seats we can snag this year.

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