It is too early to say that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) will be going to jail.

Time for another installment in my favorite personal conspiracy theory: to wit, that the Illinois Combine (the ‘bipartisan’ consensus that really runs the state*) has decided that it’s time for the GOP to have a turn getting blamed for everything that goes wrong. Real shame about Pat Quinn not getting a second term, but what can you do? It’s time to offer up another sacrificial lamb: “A criminal grand jury has launched a probe into Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled anti-violence program —  once likened to “a political slush fund” — delivering a major blow to the Democrat as he seeks re-election this fall.” Basically, Gov. Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery program more or less handed money willy-nilly, and quite a few people in government and the public-private sector** apparently decided to take undue advantage of that. The big question is, of course, is there a piece of paper that shows that the Governor was involved in any of that?

No, the question is not whether Pat Quinn was involved. The last two governors of Illinois ended their terms by going to jail; it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that he’s dirty, too. The real question is, what can they prove?  …Guess we’ll find out!

Moe Lane

*Oh, yeah, I know it’s a conspiracy theory. Your point?

**To the extent that one can tell the two apart in Illinois.

7 thoughts on “It is too early to say that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) will be going to jail.”

  1. Not quite cynical enough, Mr. Lane. The question is not what they *can* prove, but what they *will* prove.
    Or, to put it another way, just how much daylight and scuttling the cockroaches believe is needed to maintain their kingdom.
    I suppose it’s possible Sheila Simon may have had the mother wit (or, in her case, father wit) to stay away from the corruption, but .. I doubt it.

  2. Actually, I believe it’s “3 of the last 4 went to jail.” Pat could bump the rate from 75% to 80%!

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