Why is it that every time somebody wants to give the Tea party advice…

…it always seems to come down to Advocate for the issues that I want you to advocate for, not the ones that you want to advocate for? In this particular case, Slate would like the Tea Party to – after, mind you, repeating every nasty thing ever said about it – go fight crony capitalism.  As defined by Slate, whose definition notably does not include a single Democratic politician or heavy donor by name.

If you’re a Democrat who is reading this and you don’t understand why I’m making that point, congratulations: you know precisely nothing about the Tea Party.  Better still, you probably think that you do.

Moe Lane

PS: The Activist/Establishment Left simply doesn’t get populism, does it? – More accurately, they simply don’t get that the stuff you get on the Right is qualitatively different than the ersatz gunk you get on the Left.

9 thoughts on “Why is it that every time somebody wants to give the Tea party advice…”

  1. Of course, the funny thing is that there’s exactly one faction of the two major parties that does oppose crony capitalism in general. And that would be the Tea Party. That’s why you have the RINO/Chamber of Commerce group wanting to push them out. There are exactly zero Democratic politicians who do so.

    Oh, the occupy folks oppose it, but since they have zero power they don’t count.

    1. Occupy just wanted their cronies to get the benefits instead of the bankers. It wasnt for economic freedom, just a different distrabution of wealth than they perceived existed

  2. LOL, Slate wanted the Tea Party to oppose “crony capitalism”

    Don’t they do that already?

    I’m guessing Slate’s definition of Crony Capitalism involves campaign donations and little else.

  3. Yep, and some of the Jesus-Statists wanted ’em to go fight against abortion, and some of the Nanny-Statists wanted ’em to go fight against pot, and so on and so on.
    Lois Bujold once wrote that being a successful politician involves seeing a parade and nipping over to get in front .. but I think she was slightly wrong .. just getting in front isn’t enough, getting them to *follow* is the key.
    Thus far, very *very* few politicians have managed it with this parade.

  4. Is this the same Reihan Salam that also writes for National Review Online on “The Agenda” blog? I think it is…

  5. Dear Slate,
    You are basically the ideological opposite of the Tea Party. Exactly why would any of us take your advice seriously?
    Oh and that being said, we’re not Occutards. We have our own minds and there is no hierarchy that can carry out your orders, OK? Now sit in the corner and finish your paint chips.

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