…Goodness, gracious.

I’m going to put this campaign commercial up, but fair warning: it’s going to hurt your head. This is a thing that will happen.

…I really and truly got nothing but static. The peaceful, brain-erasing static. This one is going in the books.


  • Phil Smith says:

    I don’t like Dan Patrick. I didn’t like him when he was a sportscaster, I didn’t like him when he was a bar owner. I did like him a little when he first started his talk radio station here, but I disliked him again when he dropped G Gordon Liddy for implying it was okay to shoot rogue cops. I frankly think he’s a bandwagoner.

    • Phil Smith says:

      FWIW, I posted that comment before watching the commercial, and I stand by every word. The commercial is crap, though. He’s been known as “Dan Patrick” for almost 40 years.

      • Skip says:

        That, and he talked about his bankruptcy in his book, not exactly hiding it.
        Basically even if I wasn’t opposed to Dewhurst to begin with, running a video like this would disqualify him from ever receiving my vote.

  • Darin_H says:

    As they say often in Frozen… Wait, what?

  • BigGator5 says:

    I don’t live in Texas, so…
    *backs slowly out of thread*

    • Skip says:

      Well I do live in Texas, even if it is in Moscow on the Colorado, and my opinion is that while Patrick’s not my favorite person, he would be a distinct improvement over Dewcrist. And watching the way he’s campaigning just makes me loathe him more.
      What you have to realize about the Texas Republican party is that if someone’s a long-time party leader, more than likely they’re not really Republicans, or at least not small-government conservative ones.. They’re Pro-Life, Pro-Big Government Democrats who run as Republicans because you can’t get elected as a Democrat if you’re pro-life, and generally can’t get elected as a Democrat in a statewide office in Texas at all. This includes Dewhurst, Perry, Straus in the House.
      We’re slowly changing things, but it’s taking time.

  • LiberExMachina says:

    This is what we get for nobody apparently agreeing with me that Patterson (the guy who got 4th place) was the way to go for the lieutenant governor primary. The way both Dewhurst and Patrick campaigned the first go-round left a bad taste in my mouth. The Dewhurst ads (all extremely negative along the same lines) started weeks ago; I cannot recall hearing a Patrick ad yet. I wish either of them would give me a positive reason to vote for them.

    I’ll give some grudging props to Dewhurst for not relying on the traditional neg ad tropes on this particular ad. The radio ads he’s playing now, however…

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