Happy Mother’s Day!

Particularly to my readers who are also moms. For the rest of you: take out the garbage and give the nearest mom in your life a couple of hours off for brunch, or something.  It’s not an easy gig to have.

Moe Lane

PS: You could also do that when she isn’t expecting it.  Just saying.


  • Freddie Sykes says:

    And those born since Roe v Wade have an extra reason for saying “Thanks, Mom!”

  • BigGator5 says:

    I have a strained relationship with my mother. In fact, me or my sister haven’t spoken with her in some time.
    She was paranoid about everything, thus I couldn’t talk to her without her mad at me for no reason. I told to call me when she got better and haven’t heard from her since. My sister keeps sending her cards every year for her birthday, only to get them back unopened.

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