‘Building a henge, are we?*’

So, they’re claiming that they’ve found ancient stone circles in Virginia. Once I stopped raising my eyebrow – you would be amazed at how often stuff like this is claimed, on thin evidence – I had only one response:

God, This is Spinal Tap was such a great movie.

Moe Lane

*Eddie Izzard is also great.

2 thoughts on “‘Building a henge, are we?*’”

  1. Inquiring Americans want to know .. is Eddie’s name pronounced like lizard or like eyes-arde ?
    p.s. if I ever own a piece of farmland, I may just – in the course of replacing the drain tile – bury the “remains” of a henge. Deep enough it won’t break the machine, of course.

  2. Want to see some great Michael McKean? There is a scene in My First Mister where Leelee Sobieski is talking to Carol Kane while McKean was watching games shows in the background. Listen to his timing on the questions and answers. He is supposed to be the background but steals the scene if you just listen to him.

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