Sorry, but I gotta come down on @JohnCornyn’s side on this one.

I like Twitchy a lot, but I think that they’re a little too upset over this.

As I said last night on Twitter: if you’re going to call somebody names, expect them to bristle in response. Which is not to say that you can’t call people names. Obviously, you can. Many times, you even should. But this is America. Go in swinging, don’t be shocked if they swing back.

That’s all.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “Sorry, but I gotta come down on @JohnCornyn’s side on this one.”

  1. Eh. I’ve found Twitchy to be little more than a right-wing imitation of leftist grievance-trolling anyway. This was actually a great line of trash talk.

  2. Now if only we could get him to show that much contempt and fire against Democrats.

  3. Malkin loved Pierson ( even pulled the race and women card on this) and tried to convince everyone how viable of a candidate she was.
    Right before Pierson failed miserably.

  4. I care little for twitter dust ups, such a dumb platform, but someone should have followed up Cornyn with a list of all the lousy candidates he recruited for Senate in `10 and `12. His candidates had a nasty habit of losing in the primary or losing in the general in states we had no business losing.

  5. 60% of Republican primary voters in the most Republican state are now on record preferring pork to a limited federal government.
    That little fact completely overshadows that Cornyn is a tool.
    We’re boned.

    1. Don’t blame me; I voted for Stockman. And may very well for for the Libertarian (or Constitution party) guy in the general, assuming they do not run a loony.

    2. Actually, I was referring to Idaho.
      Mike Simpson got re-elected on the promise of pork, in conjunction with the dirtiest campaign I’ve ever been witness to.

  6. Good point. I think the MSM and the left have conditioned is to be easily outraged.

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