Hi? Do you like Uber – and you voted for Terry McAuliffe? Well, THAT was dumb of you.

Because this was inevitable.

Just when you thought you couldn’t despise the Department of Motor Vehicles any more, Virginia’s DMV decided to wage war against popular passenger carrier companies Uber and Lyft, sending cease and desist letters urging them to stop doing business in the commonwealth.

The Virginia DMV, which has already fined Uber and Lyft $26,000 and $9,000, respectively, says Virginia law “requires for-hire passenger carriers to have proper operating authority,” and their business model—a model which allows passengers to conveniently look up driver ratings and connect with one such part-time driver of their choice via smart phone mobile apps—doesn’t fit the bill.

Taxi companies can be counted upon to show their appreciation for their continued favored position in a deliberate scarcity model; innovators like Uber cannot. And Terry McAuliffe is always going to be about people showing their appreciation. Mind you, I am not going to weep over the thought of Beltway types being forced to pay through the nose for their taxi services…


Moe Lane

PS: The original headline was even meaner.

7 thoughts on “Hi? Do you like Uber – and you voted for Terry McAuliffe? Well, THAT was dumb of you.”

  1. I’m actually of two minds when it comes to Uber and Lyft. I support the innovation Uber/Lyft bring, but I have been a taxi driver and want to be one again some day. I have looked up Uber/Lyft and realize that they only do cities, not suburbs or rural areas. So I can give a flying rat’s *** about either of them.

    1. I’m not making fun of you here, but why do you want to be one again? I’ve never actually ever heard anyone say that about Taxi driving. I’ve heard plenty of negative things, but never the reverse.

      (Yes, I have a small world-circle. Until recently, I had never actually met anyone who really ‘liked’ professional tennis and talked about it like basketball/football/baseball fans do with their sports.)

      1. I can make a living sitting down and driving around. What’s not awesome about that?
        And the reason I stopped is because working for someone else as a Taxi driver, does indeed suck. You “rent” the cab in the hope that you can make just enough. I want to own my own cab and be my own boss.

        1. To that off have you honestly seen how some people out east drive?

          I’m surprised that many Taxi Drivers aren’t nervous wrecks. To be fair, driving around all day in busy cities is very physically and mentally draining. Due to my Autism, I kinda understand how physically and mentally draining it can be.

  2. It is hard to be gleeful at people getting exactly what they deserve, because it’s the opposite of progress. I hate to see great ideas/innovations destroyed by govt and particularly people like McAuliffe. He’s so awful.

  3. I’m sure that public transportation unions are appreciative, too. I didn’t even think about taxis………

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