Hillary Clinton and the Mandatory Spontaneous Magical Personal Connection Orderly Queue.

If you have a reputation for being aloof and inaccessible, this is probably not the best way to counter that:

Note that this is me offering professional advice, not technical. For all I know the above rules are the norm for politicians doing a book signing*; but Hillary Clinton rather infamously has a ‘likable enough’ problem. The woman should be figuring out how to minimize it at every turn.

Assuming that she’s running.

Moe Lane

*I don’t read partisan political books; and the few that I might conceivably want to read would all be written by politicians who would find it prudent to quickly write out a personalized inscription to a RedState Contributor.  Hence the caveat on this not being technical advice; while I am happy to spout off in general I reserve the right to hedge my bets in specific cases.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and the Mandatory Spontaneous Magical Personal Connection Orderly Queue.”

  1. If Leftists had their way, these type of instructions would accompany any task in our daily lives, and since they won’t be living it, they’ll keep adding more and more until we find ourselves running around in circles while they find some way to blame us, the citizens for our lack of productivity.

    1. And this: People, I beseech you; you should *not* give any individual this kind of access to power and privilege for this long. Ever. They start to think they’re entitled to it.

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