Ronald Reagan’s ‘Tear down this wall.’

I suppose that this will depress you, given our current… what I will be charitable and call ‘leadership.’ But it’s still worth your attention. Ladies and gentlemen, Ronald Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech, June 12, 1987.

Always remember: we have, indeed, had it worse.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


  • Nancylee says:

    When Reagan was President we had problems, sure. Every country does. There is never a time when any country is trouble-free. But when Reagan was in charge, I had confidence that the country was in good hands and any outside aggression would be met with resistance. I do not, and never have that feeling with the current leadership.

    Between the situation on the border, the situation in the Middle East, and the breakdown of law and order in the country, itself, not to mention a lot of other concerns too numerous to mention, for the first time I am really scared for my family and my country. I don’t see any bright dawn, or any way out of this mess that leads to anything good. If I were younger, maybe I would have a different viewpoint, but as a 66 year old woman I am not what I once was. All I can see at this point is disaster.

    Truly, we have been betrayed by our leadership, and the results will be catastrophic.

  • Nancylee says:

    And as an addendum: No, I don’t think we have ever been in worse straits, Moe. We have imminent destruction of the country via Amnesty, and an implacable enemy in the Middle East — and many of them who reside in our own country.

    We fought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep from having to fight them here. How many votes do I have that say that with the new rise to power of militant Is lam, that they won’t be here next?

    The future terrifies me. I never thought I would live to see what is happening to the country, and I know I won’t live through this nightmare.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I just looked out the window, and Washington DC was not particularly on fire. Or surrounded by field fortifications. That’s at least two points in time where things were going rather more badly for us than they are now, so I’m going to have to disagree with you on that.

      Just like I almost certainly do on amnesty. I write that without heat. Currently.

      • Nancylee says:

        Yes, but then we were fighting back, and had a leadership that wanted to win. This time, I think that is debatable.

        As for amnesty, I don’t remember what you had to say about it before. Would you care to repeat it for those of us who need the refresher?

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