I’m going to go with ‘Mitt Romney is not an idiot,’ myself.

Not ‘time travel:’ and note that that’s the answer that Ryan Williams favors. Shoot, Justen Charters (the originator of the ‘time travel’ argument) would agree: the reason that Mitt Romney accurately called in 2007 what would happen in 2014 if somebody was so stupid as to let Iraq collapse is because it was so bloody obvious what would happen.

Choice of adjective deliberate.  I’d never thought I’d see a President so unwise as to defecate in his own blankets, but apparently that’s just a thing that Barack Obama does.

Moe Lane

PS: Of course Mitt Romney would have made a better President than the current one.  This is fairly self-evident, no?

9 thoughts on “I’m going to go with ‘Mitt Romney is not an idiot,’ myself.”

  1. As much as i think he would have been better than Obama. I would like not to see Romney run again

  2. Te simple fact is Obama is the worst example of a president ever. Can’t imagine a worse possible choice. My dog would have made a better president.

  3. As much as I’m not a fan of him, John McCain would have, too. Heck, Hillary would have (because she’d eventually get in trouble, listen to Bill, and Bill would listen to people who understand leftists are not a majority in America and otherwise live in the real world even if they’re Democrats), though not by anywhere as much.

    1. Hillary might have been more protective of America if only because she would take an attack as a personal affront. You do not cross the Hildabeast!

  4. Not much to see here — so move quickly along… Ophones and Ofood Stamps are being passed out dataway…

  5. Pretty much any of the commenters here would’ve made a better president than Obama.
    Or most of the first 500 names chosen out of any phone book.

    Obama’s set the bar that low.

  6. So why did he start being such a nice guy after the first debate? If he had kept up that pace (As well as smacked Candy Crawford down), Romney would probably have won in a landslide.

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