Quote of the Day, Most Of You Already Thought A Special Prosecutor For The IRS Was Needed… edition.

…but it’s just that Ron “Whitewater” Fournier of the National Journal agrees with you.

If the IRS can’t find the emails, maybe a special prosecutor can.

Mind, he didn’t – and probably still doesn’t – agree with you that the IRS targeting originated with the White House*, but hey, a special prosecutor is just what we need to resolve that question. ┬áSurely we can all – and do, apparently – agree that the important thing here is to figure out just what happened…

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Most Of You Already Thought A Special Prosecutor For The IRS Was Needed… edition.”

  1. If Obama steps down in January 2017, could he write a blanket pardon for everyone in the federal government, or issue an executive order granting immunity to all his cronies?

      1. Moe, you’re assuming that the actual hard drives with those e-mails, still physically exist. It wouldn’t surprise me if sledgehammers have been taken to them.

        1. Hmmm, how serious an offense is destruction of evidence? I strongly suspect that somebody is going to go to jail now. Probably not the most deserving somebody, but I don’t think the GOP congressional caucus can let this slide and retain any credibility as a political force. They need to take some scalps, and politically it doesn’t really matter if they are the most deserving, or even deserving at all. If this is allowed to stand without careers ended and lives ruined in consequence, it will become SOP to flout the rules in the face of a party that won’t retaliate. The GOP cannot afford the image of weakness and irresolution failing to hang somebody will project….. and all of the potential witnesses should be made aware of that.
          I could be wrong about that. It could be that the GOP is weak enough to let it slide and let the donks know they are completely inept and helpless, that they’ll tolerate lying, stonewalling and the destruction of evidence. I guess we’ll see. I’m just a cynically amused bystander, here: I’ve been told so often by establishment types that as a pro-life, rkba conservative I’m nothing but trouble to the GOP so I should shut up and get out and SHUT UP, that the continued viability of the GOP has ceased to really concern me. *shrug* If it dies, something will take it’s place.

    1. I have thought over the years, here and at Red State, that Moe delights in interrupting the smouth flow of the narrative by making people either a) scroll down and read the clever comment or, b) wait until the end and see said comment and search for several minutes to find the point it referrs to. Did I say that I prefer parentheticals.

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