ISIS reportedly engaged in mass murder, other war crimes in Iraq.

I do not know whether the pictures found at this link [have been] authenticated, but if these pictures do end up being authenticated so then it needs to be stated for the record that ISIS (or ISIL) is engaged in war crimes and that its members are most emphatically not lawful combatants.  Barack Obama and the rest of the Left aside, this means that if local authorities decide to have a quick (as in, that afternoon) trial and hang any ISIS member they catch, they actually can do it.  And frankly, they should.

And even more frankly?  If we had hanged some of these people when we had the chance, ISIS wouldn’t be doing as well now.  A lot of Iraqis are going to die for the sake of a lot of European/American antiwar-liberals’ delicate sensibilities.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I see no particular reason why anybody fighting ISIS should accept any surrender offered by ISIS’s rank-and-file. Because God help whoever ISIS captures, apparently.


  • Tom In A Truck says:

    One of the anti-war lefts bigger problems is that they conflate Geneva Conventions as a matter of moral rightness to be followed even when our enemies don’t follow those conventions.

    • garfieldjl says:

      The left believes America is the cause of all the world’s problems, it isn’t just the fact they are anti-war, they are actually anti-USA.

    • johnv2 says:

      The GCs only apply when both sides abide by the rules. You’d be surprised at how many progressives are shocked to learn this (after they go look it up, of course).

      OTOH, a State is free to treat prisoners humanely whether or not the GCs are applicable. It makes surrender a much more likely reaction when the Other Side knows they won’t be mistreated. I’d expect these sorts of atrocities to stiffen the spine of the Iraqi military.

      • Luke says:

        It doesn’t matter how often you put the information in front of them. They choose not to believe it.

  • jetty says:

    President Drone-Strike and the rest of the ban-DDT-so-one-million-in-Africa-die-of-maleria could really care less if people die somewhere, anywhere, as long as people die.

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