Come, let me show you something terrifying from @KeithOlbermann.

It’s… a reasonable discussion of how to fix American soccer.  Basically, Olbermann is saying… make it more American.


Yes, yes, I know.


  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    *jaw hits floor*

  • Darin_H says:

    I’m about 95% in agreement with him.
    And as a soccer fan, I don’t call it futbol, or football or whatever. Don’t use pitch or match or kit or nil. I don’t own a scarf. I like most of the team names, but agree on the FC thing (or RSL). And we especially need a good American announcer.

    • RangerSG says:

      Definitely need a good US announcer. If Gus Johnson would stop saying “key” for top of the box, he might be it when the World Cup goes to Fox.

      I do own a scarf. But I don’t wear it in the summertime. A scarf is a fine implement for chilly weather. And why not have one supporting a brand you like? I did use ‘nil’ for zero before I knew enough to call myself a soccer fan. “Nil” is a fun word. That said, I don’t get hung up insisting on calling it ‘football’ except as a windup to NFL fans. 😉

      As far as the FC thing goes: Mitigating factor. A LOT of these MLS teams *had* American names. No one wanted to see them then.

      Kansas City, now called “The Soccer City of the US” almost lost “The Wizards” because no one wanted to watch them. (For a number of reasons). They were rebranded Sporting Kansas City when local ownership took over, and now outdraw the Royals and sell out every. single. game. They and the Sounders are the success stories that all the incoming teams come talk to.

      Dallas used to be called the Dallas Burn. FANS voted for the change. Now Dallas still has problems. But they’re still drawing better than they used to.

      No argument that FIFA is an absurdly corrupt organization. But I don’t think we could seriously stage a World Cup to compete with the existing one. What we could, and SHOULD be doing, is declaring war on the corruption, instead of supporting the corruptocrats.

      And I certainly agree that we don’t need to build up soccer by tearing down other sports. I love college football, still say watching ice hockey live is the best fan experience in sports, and even can still feel nostalgic about baseball. Despite Bud Selig’s best efforts to destroy the game.

      *BUT* this is a 2 way street. For my entire life, I’ve been concern trolled by people who think the sport would be better if we made it more like ‘American football.’ Because it’s just ‘too boring’ to watch in this country. Or pundits like Mike Wilbong who think they have a better idea of soccer culture, or how to make it work, then people who actually care about the sport.

      The fly in the ‘Soccer will only take off in the US if…” argument is that MLS is growing steadily. And everything indicates it will continue to grow. And that is despite a complete lack of commitment to it from ESPN. How complete? Well, usually, you have to find the match they’re showing with a Ouija Board.

      And to turn Kieth’s argument around: No. I’m not a soccer elitist. I love the sport not because I’m so internationalist or whatever. (I’m in the abolish the UN camp, actually.) But while I ‘want’ the game to succeed in this country. If it stays at its current level of popularity, where MLS is viable, but a niche sport, THAT’S OK. Not ideal. But good enough. Better than it was by light years when the NASL porky pigged itself out of existence.

      • Patrick Thomas says:

        I don’t, but the wife does have a scarf…
        GO GRYFFINDOR!!!

      • Luke says:

        I find nothing objectionable in that.
        (Well, other than Sporting KC outdrawing the Royals. Seriously, KC?)
        My objection to soccer is simply sportscasters and self-appointed members of “the great and good” telling me that I must care about it.
        If you enjoy the game, I’ve got no problem with that. As long as you’re not sanctimonious about it towards me. (In which case, I’ll get sanctimonious in turn.)
        Could I make suggestions about rules changes that would make me find soccer more appealing? Sure. But Rugby already exists. Let the fans of soccer tweak the rules of soccer to their liking. (And while we’re at it, can we get a group of football fans to beat the NFL over the head with a clue bat?)

        • RangerSG says:

          Seriously KC. Because Sporting Park is probably the best venue to witness Soccer as a spectacle (in the good sense) in this country. All the atmosphere of a college football game in the south, an all-action team, and state-of-the-art amenities without a bad seat (or stand) in the house.

          And I don’t hate American Football either. I don’t consider being a sports fan a zero-sum game, like a lot of the idiot reporters in this country. I’ll admit the NFL is the best viewing experience ON TV in sports. It’s been deliberately evolved that way for a generation. But for a live experience, I’ll take soccer and hockey. TV does little justice to the speed or intricacies of either sport.

          • Wombat-socho says:

            Also, the Royals have sucked for a number of years, and you can hardly blame fans for not wanting to spend their money on a team whose management couldn’t seem to find their posteriors with a strip map and a native guide.

  • Spegen says:

    Great ideas unfortunately wrapped in pander to his liberal base. His opinions on sports are not shocking, there is a reason why the years he had with Dan Patrick are considered some of the best in Sports Center.

  • Greg says:

    Did no one else catch that he said “Teapartier” and not “Teaba###r?”
    Huh. Maybe he SHOULD return to sports analysis. It is something that he is obviously good at. Shoot, someone may actually listen to and care about what he has to say, once again.

  • countrydoc says:

    Really don’t care. Getting tired of people telling me I should. Actors, jugglers, athletes. Nothing wrong with the amusement industry, but also nothing noble.

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