Opinions on immigration should not be pertinent to emergency mercy and charity.

I’m very much with Erick Erickson on this one:

Charity and mercy are Christian values. I look at the deep and hostile reaction to Glenn Beck’s effort of late to provide charity to the illegal immigrants at the border and I am shaking my head at some of my fellow Christians and fellow conservatives.

I do not think the government should be helping these people stay here. I do not think the government should be bussing them to other places. I do not think we should let these people stay here. But I think while here we should, in private charity, show mercy and give comfort where we can.

…and this is, by the way, not particularly because I’m a pro-amnesty squish. It actually doesn’t have much to do with your views on immigration at all; it’s just that I think that a lot of the people in the executive branch who helped cause this humanitarian disaster on the border are going to end up going to Hell if they’re not careful.  I have no particular desire to join them, given that Jesus said pretty much nothing about illegal immigration – and quite a bit on children and His expectations of the faithful.

Yeah, yeah, I know,  I don’t usually go with the God-talk. But I know darn what Jesus would do, here: He’d be driving one of Glenn Beck’s trucks*.

Moe Lane

*Better gas mileage that way and I can’t see Jesus making the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

27 thoughts on “Opinions on immigration should not be pertinent to emergency mercy and charity.”

  1. Agree with the results, Mr. Lane, “god stuff” not so much…
    A guest in our country, especially a young’un, needs care.
    B’sides, if we’re deporting them, and we treat ’em nice, maybe they’ll want to return *legally*.

  2. I can’t completely agree with what he’s doing, but the fact that it’s being done by private donations mitigates my harsher opinions.

  3. We are caring for them but making a big mistake in spreading them across the country prior to medical isolation. Take a couple of sick kids with TB and other diseases, scabies and other parasites, incubate them on a crowded bus for a few days and releasing them into communities sounds like a recipe for disaster. Jesus would have healed them; we are just spreading them around.

    1. What scares me is cholera. Largely because it’s too easy to prevent; I have no confidence in this administration’s ability to make sure that the boring obvious stuff is actually being done.

  4. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with what Glenn Beck is doing, I blame the President for this mess, not the victimized children that he is using as political pawns to try to ram through amnesty.

  5. There is a time to be generous and show mercy.
    That time is *not* when waves of invaders are pouring over our border.
    Yes, I accept that they’re only trying to do what’s best for themselves and their kin.
    That’s been the case with most invasions in history.
    As a member of one of the communities being invaded (despite living over 1000 miles from the Mexican border!), this does not win my sympathy.
    Repulsing invasions is one of the primary reasons we have government in the first place. If the government is unwilling to execute it’s primary functions, why have it at all?
    It’s like the soft-headed idiots putting water stations out in the middle of the desert so that illegal aliens are somewhat less likely to die.
    If the illegal aliens break the law for the dubious pleasure of dying in the desert, that’s on them. I am in no way responsible for their stupidity. Not to mention that I’ve actively petitioned the federal government to actually enforce the law and keep them out of the #$%&ing desert for a couple of decades now.

    1. I’m not Christian, but I will say “Amen” to Luke. This is an invasion of our country. It is being done by Mexico and Central American countries in complicity with the Government of the United States, which government is not the government of “America”. They, jointly, have no intention of ever controlling the border or returning the invaders to their homelands.

      A significant percentage of the invaders are members of criminal gangs. Another significant percentage of the invaders are carrying deadly epidemic/pandemic diseases that we have up to now kept out of the country. They are cramming them together making every one of them a disease vector, and then deliberately turning them loose in the American population.

      This is biological warfare on a massive scale by the US government, and guess who the victims will be?

      My charity right now is reserved for the American people. And the most charitable thing to do is to remove the invaders to their own countries by any means necessary.

      1. I think you’re going a step or two too far, here.
        Yes, our government has demonstrated that it has no interest in doing its job and securing our border.
        Yes, the Mexican government actively encourages it’s citizens to illegally cross our border.
        But evidence beyond that is lacking. Mass migrations traditionally haven’t needed a conspiracy to drive them. There’s not much reason to believe that’s changed.
        A significant percentage are almost certainly members of criminal gangs.
        But the claim of biological warfare being perpetrated against the American people is a bit overwrought. What diseases they have, are already here.

        1. Leaving aside the reported infections of Border Patrol staff with various forms of bird flus, the appearance of which in this country is sufficiently rare to cause the CDC in normal times to go Chiroptera feces for the reason that they are highly contagious, not normally here, and possibly fatal; there is the elephant in the room. As the invaders move into the country, and into schools; drug resistant TB is appearing. TB was under control, being a rarity and of the treatable varieties. Last week 4 cases of drug resistant TB, in the active contagious stage, were reported in a high school in Sacramento. More are expected.

          As to government involvement; the “refugees” from Central America had to cross Mexico. Mexico has the brute force approach to border security on its southern borders, involving deadly force, beatings, and physically throwing the survivors back across the border. How are the Central Americans getting across 2000 miles of Mexico unscathed without government acquiescence and assistance?

    2. These are children, If they were adults you’d have a point.
      But these kids are being used as pawns by both this administration and their parents.
      Giving them a cup of water is hardly collaborating with invaders.

  6. There is a special place in Hell for the man who manipulated small children who, through their idiot families, exposed them to rape, starvation desease and death. The young children (not the adolescents) were told by momma “Go north to the land of the big PX” and they did. Momma is an idiot. Obama, for baiting them on through this horrible experience is an evil, soulless monster. This misery is for political advantage. Words fail to describe his infamy. However, invasion or not, Christian charity should, must, be extended to the young children before sending them home as fast as possible. To do less is to be complicit in evil. As for the adolescents and adults, shove them back accross the border at gunpoint. Also, the children should NOT be disbursed through the country.

  7. I don’t think the President realizes that there are some serious ways that this could go sideways on him very quickly.
    1) If a group of kids misses being able to turn themselves into a Border Patrol agent and wanders into the brush and dies in the 100 degree weather.
    2) If a serious infection is missed and passed along to people taking care of the kids within this country.
    3) A replay of the crime problems after the Mariel boat lift.
    Lastly I’m saving my charity for the people closer to home they’re the ones I live with and they could use it. There are plenty of people who could use help in this country who aren’t making the six o’clock news. Doesn’t charity begin at home anymore?

  8. Moe, as a Christian I have to disagree:

    1) I appreciate Glenn’s charity, but he is doing this rather publicly. Jesus said that charity is performed with discretion.

    2) There were 2 Children’s Crusades to the Holy Land. They didn’t end well.

    3) The ‘children’ include large numbers of males 14 and above (think MS-13 recruits).

    4) Personally, I am hacked that I have to go through bureaucratic hell (which includes the necessary proof that she will not be a burden to the state) for my wife-to-be to immigrate to the US while the
    disease-ridden free-s**t army is getting welfare, Obamaphones, and a free bus ticket.

    Can you give me a satisfactory explanation for point 4 (no snark on my part)? This situation makes my blood boil.

    1. Oh, and

      5) Everytime they announce the implementation of some new ‘security measure’ at the airport, I have to wonder why anyone would bother coming through the airport given the porous nature of the southern border.

    2. I *could* actually answer #4, but in my experience said answer is almost guaranteed to start a bitter fight that usually ends up getting somebody banned. This observation is generic, and not directed at anyone specifically.

      1. You can answer it to your satisfaction.
        That doesn’t imply you can answer it to mine.
        It’s best to acknowledge that raising the issue is rhetorical. If you raise it, you are categorically against illegal aliens being granted legal status.
        I am. Deport them all. If they want to come back, there’s a legal process for that.

          1. And it stands unchallenged.
            😉 “I can answer it to my satisfaction, but likely not to yours.” is a fair way to note a fundamental disagreement that there’s really no point arguing over.

    3. I have a suggestion, how about we make human trafficking a capital offense, and say the coyotes face potential execution if they are caught. Seriously the argument could be made that they are enemy spies.

      1. Designate them as Hostis Humani Generis and openly announce that no legal penalties will happen towards American citizens carrying out the execution. It would be a good start.

          1. Loved the article and I don’t have much of a problem with its implementation. One of my favorite stories from my school days in Montana back in *mumblemumble* was about the vigilantes. One of the tactics used when a criminal showed up was the local vigilante groups would note where he was staying. Bad guy came home and saw 6-4-6 painted on his door.
            Translation: Measurements for a grave. It was a subtle way of saying “Please leave our town.”

      2. Problem is outlawry is connected to “proscription” often used as a political weapon against political opponents in Ancient Rome.

        As moe said, our founding father’s were some of the greatest functioning paranoids ever. That’s probably why they didn’t include “outlawry” into our legal code. They knew eventually it’d be abused.

        While our use of it would be limited, who’s to say in 20-50 years it isn’t being used against the losers of an election ( granted some campaigns are so bad that professionally it warrants it ;))

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