Iowa Republicans: please consider extra campaigning assistance for Joni Ernst for the next two weeks.

She’s off serving her country.

Republicans are appealing to Iowans to help campaign for Joni Ernst while she’s on leave for two weeks for active duty training.

Ernst, a candidate for Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat and a battalion commander in the Iowa Army National Guard, leaves Friday for Fort McCoy for annual training.

The Iowa Republican party expects Bruce Braley to go after Joni Ernst during this time – Braley always did like cheap shots as a political strategy* – so they’re asking for special help during the next two weeks. So if you’re a Republican from Iowa: details on how you can help here.

(H/T: Hot Air)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Joni Ernst for US Senate.

*You know, it’d be one thing if Bruce Braley was consistently in favor of using the IRS to target political organizations that he doesn’t like.  It’d be a horrible thing, but it’d be at least an honest opinion.  But  this one-of-you act he’s been doing is kind of pathetic. Last time I checked: Iowans believed in the rights of freedom of assembly and petition to redress grievances.

Oops, sorry, that’s language from the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Shoot, I keep forgetting that Braley and his fellow legislators have apparently never read the primary source material.

2 thoughts on “Iowa Republicans: please consider extra campaigning assistance for Joni Ernst for the next two weeks.”

  1. Moe, they HATE the First Amendment; nearly as much as they hate the Second. All of it.

    Witness the screeching from the left over Citizen’s United and Hobby Lobby – both about corporate personhood and how people exercise their 1A rights through it. They wish people to have no collective voice if they are organized a way they don’t like.

    Hobby Lobby has the bonus of infringing on separation of Church and State. They simply have no problem shoving the government in the way of Free Exercise while tittering about prayers at city council meeting.

    The IRS scandal shows they care nothing about petitioning government for redress.

  2. Isn’t that guy the one who also insulted farmers? Seriously the Democrat in that race has made some really interesting gaffes, hope he’ll continue the pattern of insulting the people of Iowa (which will turn the election into a landslide).

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