Did Weird Al Yankovic do ‘Tacky’ in one continuous take?

It looks that way.

Impressive, if true.


  • Spegen says:

    Good for Weird Al, often imitated, but still stands above the rest on you tube.

  • Free-range Oyster says:

    I feel like I’m supposed to recognize the people in that video, but other than the man himself I’m lost.

    • zamoose says:

      Aisha Tyler, comedienne, aka Lana from “Archer”, followed by Margarer Cho, lefty alleged comedienne, followed by Eric Stonestreet, aka Cameron from “Modern Family”, then Kristen Schaal (superfan Mel from “Flight of the Conchords”), then Jack Black (Tenacious D, “Nacho Libre”, “School of Rock”, etc.) and then capped by Al again.

  • xander-drax says:

    Doing this in one take is NOTHING compared to Ok Go’s new video “the writings on the wall” But, W.A.Y. is a much better musician.

  • zamoose says:

    C’mon, Moe — you gotta post “Word Crimes”.

  • MichaelN21209 says:

    I counted at least three places where there could have been cuts, and that was just on my first viewing. It looks like each of the individual guest performers did their bits in one take… but that’s an entirely different thing.

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