I’d like to note for the record that Jesse Ventura is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

He is not a member of my party, or the Other Party.  He has nothing to do with either.  I believe that he hates the current system with the white-hot fury of a billion burning suns, and rejects both the Republican and Democratic party outright.  In short: Jesse Ventura is not of us.

Fine by me.

On Monday, after five days of deliberation, a jury empaneled to deliberate on Ventura’s claim [of defamation] informed the presiding judge that could not reach a verdict. The jury was informed that the case would likely have to be retried if a verdict could not be reached and was ordered to continue deliberating.

On Tuesday, the jury came to a conclusion and ordered [Navy SEAL Chris] Kyle’s estate to provide Ventura with $1.8 million in damages.

…Gotten from Kyle’s widow.

Remember: not of us.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “I’d like to note for the record that Jesse Ventura is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.”

  1. The nicest thing one could say about Jesse Ventura is he’s a big piece of dog excrement. And I apologize in advance to dog shit everywhere.

  2. Jesse Ventura clearly got hit over the head with n too many folding chairs….
    That this jackass was seen as the best of three potential Minnesota governors leads me to wonder about how high the incidence of closed-head trauma in that State may be…

    1. His constant ( and False) claims of being a NAVY SEAL is probably a part of that.
      It also explains John Kerrey and John McCain ( though Ventura is measurably worse then both)

      1. There was a debate on MPT that may have sealed the deal for a lot of folks (it did for my now-ex-wife) in which Skip Humphrey (DFL), a/k/a The Wonder Tuna, and Norm Coleman (IR), danced around an abortion-related question without actually giving a direct answer. When Ventura’s turn came, he turned to look at his opponents and said “I can’t believe this. You guys just stood there for five minutes talking about nothing. Why didn’t you just answer the question?”

        Also, he had the support of the Twin Cities’ most popular morning DJ crew, which motivated a lot of young folks (who normally wouldn’t have voted) to mark the ballot for the “outsider” pro wrestler.

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