The Ferguson situation is getting ugly.

I’m a law and order kind of guy, but I’m with Dan on this:

Always film cops. It keeps them honest. Likewise, I’m all about getting upset when it looks like a guy got killed for insufficient reasons, but rioting is not cool. So I don’t know what the hell to tell people, here. It’s just bad, from every angle.

Mind you, you’re not crazy if you think that there’s a double standard here over how the media is reacting to the authorities.


  • acat says:

    Yep. Dashboard cameras are under $50 and worthwhile.
    Just .. remember that it’s there .. you don’t want video of you doing something stupid leaking out any more than they do, right?

  • Eric Burns-White says:

    I agree completely. To both sentiments.

    The way to make sure that authorities are using their force appropriately is through documenting the use of that force. The police should be filming. The press should be filming. Everyone with a freaking camera phone should be filming.

    Any effort to stop the press from documenting what’s going on is an egregious infringement not only of Freedom of the Press, but the right of every American to see that documentation. The way to counter bias by the press is to also document, not prevent documentation.

    Every freaking cop on the scene should be wearing a camera right now. Show us what you did. Show us your side. Show us what they did. I’m with Moe — I believe in law and order. Riots aren’t cool. Public safety is real and crucial and important.

    But the way to do this is with more sunlight, not less. Increase what we can see. Show us your side. Because if you don’t do that — if you block access, or restrict the press, or even give the appearance of creating a press blackout, then you lose all credibility when you tell us what happened, even if you’re telling the truth.

    I don’t even think this is a political issue, really. I can’t imagine anyone — Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Whig, Federalist– anyone saying “gee. I really wish I had no way to verify what’s really going on down there. That would be awesome.”

    This is an ugly, terrible situation. And it’s getting worse. I’ve heard people describe it as Obama’s Katrina, and you know what? I’m with them. This crap right here, more than anything else, is why he was elected. The Change? The Hope?

    Here we are. Step up. Or don’t. Either way, this is where the legacy is going to live.

    (Sorry. Not given to hijacking your blog comments, Moe. I’m just so pissed off right now.)

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