Tweet of the Day, You Are Not Helping The President Here, @Schultz44 edition.



Somebody explain to Eric Schultz when it’s a good time to get your politician boss away from a party. Or… actually, never mind. Heckuva job there, Eric. Keep it up.

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  • acat says:

    On one paw, Mr. Schultz is starting to separate from Obama .. he’ll soon be finding a new fetish-candidate. I’m hoping it’s Debby Wassername, but would settle, given Mr. Schultz’ abilities, for Shrillary.
    On another paw, Mr. Schultz’ timing is not optimal .. presidential (dis)approval numbers are a factor in the mid-terms, and .. we’re in the mid-terms. In this, I agree with your summary, Moe .. Carry on, Eric.
    On the gripping paw, just what did we expect from President “Beer Summit” Obama? Perhaps Mr. Schultz realizes Obama cannot simply “go and calm the tensions in Ferguson”…

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